5 New Home Cleaning Tips

Jun 12, 2019 2:01:06 PM / by Payton Gibbs

AH New Home Cleaning

You’ve got a brand new Alturas home. It’s spotless, radiating that “new home smell.” Then, the kids come in. And the dog . . . or cat. And the relatives. Mud season hits and the holidays rage through. Life gets in the way and your “new home” isn’t feeling so new. We’ve got a few little tricks to keep your Alturas home magazine ready.


1. Cabinets

Because the kitchen is often the center of a home, these surfaces are the first to catch a visitor’s eye. Their frequent use makes them a prime target for dirt and clutter.


Cabinets above the stove or other appliances get grease buildup on the front and in the cracks. Food, water spots, and fingerprints also collect on the panels and around the hardware. Wipe down panels with a damp microfiber cloth. Also, make sure to wipe down the handles. This is key; it makes cabinets really pop. For any color of cabinets, a quick wipe-down enhances the shine and illuminates the kitchen. Microfiber cloth can also be used on other Alturas Home finishes to clear away dust and dirt.


2. Countertops

Most Alturas homes come with quartz or granite countertops. Not only are they extremely durable and heat resistant, they also have a distinct mirror-like surface that brightens up every kitchen or bathroom. However, fingerprints, stains, and stubborn water spots sometimes get in the way.


Typically, our vendors recommend a little dish soap on a damp microfiber cloth to clean both our quartz and granite counters. To get stains out, they recommend bar keeper's friend just on the stain with a non abrasive sponge.


3. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are your cabinets’ best friend. Keep your home magazine ready by shining your appliances up. They are notorious for catching grease and fingerprints. For the stainless portions, I recommend a stainless steel cleaner. For the glass portions, use a glass cleaner to shine up surface.


For flat-top electric stoves, food buildup is usually minimal and cleanup is easy. However, Alturas homes often feature open gas stovetops, like Thermador or Bosch, and food tends to drop below the grates and cake in. To clean gas stovetops, take the grills off, wash with a mild soapy water and a soft cloth to remove the fire-hardened food crust. Use a soapy sponge or towel to lift up the food and grease off the bottom of the stovetop. Make sure to dry these areas thoroughly so the flame from the burners is not affected.


4. Floors

Keeping floors clean is a sure way to keep that “new home feel.” Carpets and tiles are pretty easy to clean, but hardwood floors require a little more thought. There are two types of flooring in your Alturas home: engineered hardwood and vinyl composite core (or vinyl planks). Engineered hardwood is layered wood and vinyl flooring has a wood core with a vinyl finish.


Soap and wax cleaners leave a filmy residue on both types of floors. Too much water can be damaging over time. Dry cleaning, by dusting or sweeping daily, is the best option. Make sure to blot liquid spills up immediately. For a deep clean, use Therapy by Kentwood Spray Cleanser.


5. Trim and Baseboards

Thick, white trim is the style right now, and will be for awhile. Dust tends to build up on top and in the corners. On white paint, scuff marks on the baseboard are more noticeable. This seems like an insignificant detail, but think of a picture in a frame. A photo stands out much more sharply in a clean frame, rather than in a dented or dusty frame. Baseboards and trim are your house’s frame. Vacuum all the edges, wipe up the dust, and every room will look sharp. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is also excellent at removing marks on white trim.


Love is observed in the details, so don’t be afraid to shine up the things in your home that you think are special. We hope you enjoy these tips! Subscribe to Alturas Homes’ blog for more or follow us on Instagram!

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Payton Gibbs

Written by Payton Gibbs