Alturas Homes’ Kitchen Wins 1st place in 2019 Boise Spring Parade of Homes

May 24, 2019 10:37:33 AM / by Payton Gibbs

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Handmade. Natural. Classic. These are the words that inspired Alturas designer, Lauren Smyth in bringing to life the Clearwater kitchen, which won 1st Place in Category 4 of the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes.

At Alturas Homes, we know the kitchen is where the family gathers, which is why we sweat the details. The Clearwater kitchen is no exception. From the contrasting quartz countertops and handmade tile to the freshly imagined Butler’s Pantry, this classic kitchen design is made for entertaining.

I did a little Q&A with Lauren Smyth to catch up on her design process.


What was your inspiration?

I wanted to create a kitchen that would feel classic for years to come and also like it has been there for awhile, old and new. I used finishes that felt vintage or handmade and paired them with bright whites and sharp blacks to keep our signature "Alturas Homes" style. The indoor/outdoor vibe was going to be evident with the floor plan so I wanted to bring greens and natural wood tones into the mix as well so it didn't feel too stark against the natural landscape outside.

Kitchen from our Boise Parade of Homes winner
Tell us more about the Butler’s Pantry.

The Butler's Pantry idea is something we played around with a little in the planning stages and I'm so glad we decided to pull the trigger on it because it really did set this kitchen apart. It's essentially another kitchen within a kitchen meant for prepping food and keeping it out of sight from your guests. Typically, these are behind a kitchen but we put ours out in front and accessible from the garage so if you're carrying in groceries, making a big dinner for the family, entertaining, or just want to have it as a well-decorated little bonus kitchen, it functions in every setting. Ours had a bar sink, an additional dishwasher, oven, microwave, lots of storage and open shelving with custom metal brackets.


Why did you choose these particular finishes?

Every finish in this home was meant to feel aged or uniquely made in some way. If the tiles were going to have a glossy finish, I wanted them to appear handmade with variation in the color from tile to tile. The countertops were honed so they give an aged feel and I mixed the two in the kitchen to tie in the whites and blacks and not feel too heavy on the dark green island. The wood floors were meant to look natural and slightly worn; the wall color was off-white so it didn't appear too crisp. I just wanted the house to feel soft, warm and inviting. I hate when homes feel like you can't touch anything the second you walk in. This house was meant to feel casual in a high-end way, and I think the finishes reflect that really well.


What makes this Alturas Homes kitchen special?

I think what makes this kitchen special is that it toes the line of so many different styles that are current but still keeps a really classic look. I don't think this space is going to feel dated for a very long time.


How does it feel to win 1st Place in the category in the 2019 Boise Spring Parade of Homes?

The kitchen is always the starting point for any house I design, so in my mind if the kitchen wins, the whole house wins and that feels really good!

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Payton Gibbs

Written by Payton Gibbs