Classic Tile Selections for Every Style

Nov 9, 2018 11:46:14 AM / by Lauren Smyth

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Whether you are remodeling or building a new home (maybe even with us!) It can be tricky to navigate the murky waters of tile. With an overwhelming amount of options making a decision can feel next to impossible. Here are my top five picks of classic tile that can be paired with anything and look awesome no matter what style home you have.
1. 1" or 2" Hexagon Tile: I'm not kidding when I say I've used this tile in about 95% of our homes. Many times on bathroom and shower floors because it just works. Pair it with a contrasting grout for bold pattern or match the grout to the tile for a more subtle look. This tile works in any style home but I love it most in a traditional setting and also one that steers towards mid century modern. 
Subway and Hex-2 Tile
2. 3" x 6" Subway Tile: You knew it would be on here. There are so many variations of this and of course the most classic route would be a gloss or matte white subway tile, but it will always be a great size for walls in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, basically anywhere wall tile goes. There are a million ways to branch out on this classic - grout choice, layout, textured, handmade edges, different colors, mini, elongated - but if you're wanting to make a lasting choice choose a white gloss or matte. 
3. Penny Tile: Even after a century of being a popular pick for homes, this tile is still so fun. It comes in so many colors and finishes, but I love a white, gray or black penny with contrasting grout. I also love the juxtaposition of this cute shape done in a high end material like marble. It's excellent for areas that need some slip resistance because you get a bit more of a grout area with the tile being round. This tile with a 3"x 6" subway tile provides a great difference in scale and shape ultimately creating a timeless space that doesn't take itself too seriously. 
PennyRounds tile
4. Basketweave: Done typically in a white porcelain with black "dot," this pattern also looks great in a marble. This is probably the most formal pick of all the tile and is usually done in high end traditional homes, but I think this pattern also pairs well with subway tile and hexagon tile in any type of home. 
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Lauren Smyth

Written by Lauren Smyth