Decorating Open Shelves

Nov 27, 2018 8:32:07 AM / by Lauren Smyth

Decorating Open ShelvesBlog

Combine texture, color, tall and short, and new and old items to open shelves.

Open shelving is an ideal place to sneak in some storage and to display meaningful items that otherwise wouldn't have a home.

Decorative boxes are great in a stack or on their own and can provide a spot to stash away small items that otherwise end up lost. Mix those with some great framed photos of the family, found sculptural items, some small potted plants (I opt for easy care, drought resistant or faux) and some books and you've got a great collection of texture, color, tall and short, new and old to add interest and personality to your home.

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Lauren Smyth

Written by Lauren Smyth