Exterior Color Schemes That Work - Part 1

Feb 21, 2019 1:41:30 PM / by Lauren Smyth

Blog Exterior Color Schemes That Work Part 1-1
Exterior colors can be super tricky. Unlike interior colors that are getting exposed to mostly controlled lighting with the exception of some natural light, exterior colors are getting exposed to every different type of shade and light 24/7. Here are a couple color schemes I have found just flat out work when it comes to the outside. 
Soft Whites:
This is Sherwin Williams Shoji White, with warm undertones that yield into taupe-y undertones, this white isn't going to be too in-your-face. Mixed with the black windows and neutral stone, this white is timeless and elegant. 
White and Black:
Our Spruce Model
Benjamin Moore Simply White and Sherwin Williams Black Fox make an excellent pairing for an exterior. Both colors carry warm undertones and when mixed together create the perfect "Modern Farmhouse" collaboration. Throw in a pop of color on the front door for a little fun. 
Dark Exteriors:
 Our Emerald Model
This is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain and it is the mood ring of all dark colors. In bright direct lighting this color appears more navy while on overcast days this exterior can look charcoal and moody which I love. Pair it with a taupe brick or stone and snappy white trim and this dark color really shines. 
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Image: Nathan Turner, Alturas Homes

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