Fall Yard Maintenance Tips for an Easier Spring

Nov 13, 2018 11:09:09 AM / by Becca Mortensen

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Sweater weather is upon us! Fall is officially here and the weather is changing. It’s a great time of year: the leaves change colors, pumpkin-flavored-everything is available, and it’s the time to get lost in a corn maze. Between carving pumpkins and sipping hot chocolate, get your home ready for Fall with these nine easy tips.

Rake Leaves

I know, this one's obvious, but it can be a hard one to keep up with some years. The temptation may be to leave until after the winter, but you should know, it may suffocate the grass making more work (and ugly dead spots) for you in the spring.

Clean the Gutters

Remove leaves, nests and debris from your gutters and check for leaks.

Service Sprinklers and Irrigation System

If you're in the Boise area, or an even colder climate, you should plan on having your sprinkler system drained or blown-out to prevent freezing and damage. However, even in warmer climates, all irrigation systems should be checked this time of year. Have a professional perform any repairs that might need to be made and mark your sprinkler heads near snow removal areas.  

Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Leaving them connected during a freeze could cause pipes to freeze and burst - I learned this the hard way one spring.

Trim Landscaping

Cut back your bushes, shrubs and flowers. Inspect your trees and cut back any branches that are hanging over a power line or are close to the roof.

Fertilize the Lawn

This is often overlooked, but a high phosphorous fall lawn fertilizer can help produce a lush, green lawn in the spring.

Chimney Cleaning

If your burning wood in your fireplace or wood-stove, it's a good idea to have your chimney cleaned annually.

Speaking of wood, do you need to order some for the winter?

Close Crawl-Space Vents

If your house has Crawl-Space vents, closing (or plugging) them during the winter helps prevent the pipes from freezing.

Organize your Shed

Now is a great time to organize your shed and get it ready for next Spring. Remove any liquids that might freeze during the winter.

Tune Up Yard Equipment and Tools

These is an easy chore to put off, and can be done in the spring, but getting your garden tools ready now will make for an easier spring. As an added incentive, repair shops are less busy at this time of year, and may actually be offering discounts.

That’s it! In one weekend you can knock out most of these chores and spend the rest of your Fall doing what you love to do.

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Becca Mortensen

Written by Becca Mortensen