Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home

Mar 23, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Becca Mortensen

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You know what happens when Spring is in the air - Spring cleaning. We've compiled a checklist to help you with your Spring cleaning so you don't miss anything.

  1. Wash your windows. Yes, that means inside and outside.
  2. Speaking of windows, don't forget to clean your drapes and blinds. Wipe off your blinds with a damp cloth and run your drapes through the dryer on the air-fluff cycle, just make sure you hang them immediately when they are done.
  3. Dust. Remove everything from tables, shelves and cabinets and dust all the places you've been neglecting for the year.
  4. Get your carpets professionally cleaned and wax your wooden floors.
  5. Clean your furniture by vacuuming underneath and inside cushions and cleaning any stains.
  6. Clean inside your refrigerator with bubbly soda water and abrasive salt.
  7. Clean the lime buildup from your faucets by laying a vinegar soaked paper towel around your faucet. Let it sit for an hour, the buildup becomes softened and easier to remove.
  8. Clean steel, chrome or glass appliances with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water.
  9. Set your oven to self clean (yes!). Just be sure to clean any major spills before hand.
  10. And on the stove, use a toothbrush to clean around the burners.
  11. Throw away all expired foods (pantry and fridge)!
  12. Everybody's favorite place to clean, the bathroom! Scrub your tub, showers, sinks and toilets.
  13.  Rotate your mattress. To extend the life of your mattress this should be done four times a year. But nobody has time for that so make sure it gets done with your Spring cleaning.
  14. Wash your pillows and bedding.
  15. Sweep your porches and around doorframe to get rid of any and all cobwebs!
  16. Clean all your outside furniture and get it ready to be used.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of everything that should be cleaned in your house during Spring cleaning. It may not be the most exciting Saturday afternoon (or all day) project but think of how nice it will be when it's done. You can grab an ice-cold lemonade and relax on your patio furniture in a cobweb-free porch and not have to worry about cleaning anything for a whole week (or year, whatever your cleaning schedule is :-)

Did we miss anything? What would you add to the list?

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Becca Mortensen

Written by Becca Mortensen